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Saturday, March 31, 2018

MIM # 316 Stenciled Edges

Hi friends, I was on a road trip from St Louis, Missouri to home, Oregon...and I tried posting this card on the trip, but couldn't get good cell service, so gave up, then the more I thought about the card I made, the more I decided I wanted to change the background stenciling.  As soon as I got home I  redid the card.  This is for the MIM # 316 Stenciled Edges and Lizzie demonstrated how she does it HERE 
It really is a nice way to add extra texture and draw your eye into the focal images.
Actually I made this card first:
And decided, it was okay but I would try something I made this one:

As you can see, I used the same flowers, just changed up the background, since I had the leaves in a gray color, I thought I should sponge on the background in gray also.  What do you think?  Did I totally blow it?
I am just glad that I got home in time to post it to the challenge!  
Happy Easter everyone!

Heart Hugs, friends!


  1. Both are beautiful, Colleen! Love your stenciling.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love all three! I love the stenciled edges and never thought about it until I saw Lizzie's video. You did a beautiful job here. Lovely cards! Hugs!

  3. All of them are beautifully stenciled. I will go watch her video for sure. Enjoy the day with your family. Happy Easter to you.

  4. Blow it? no way!! I love the green but then again I am partial to green : ) I do love the gray but these are truly ALL beautiful Colleen! I wouldn't change a thing! : )

    Have a wonderful day.

    ♥ Patti

  5. Beautiful cards using the stencil technique, Colleen! Lovely colors! Would love to check out Lizzie's video! Thanks so much for the inspiration! Happy Easter!

  6. Great job with this technique Col! All three are really beautiful, but I am partial to the gray ... it's so elegant. I haven't tried this technique, but what a wonderful way to stretch the use of stencils. I need more time in the day to try out all these fun things! :) xx

  7. I love them all , Colleen! I think this adds such a beautiful soft touch to each card and hope to remember to use it often ! I love the soft gray in the first card!
    Happy Easter , sounds like a fun drive 😊

  8. I like all 3 of them too my friend!! The stenciling on all 3 of them is soft and definitely brings the eye inward to the main focal point. Well done!! Sounds like you had quite the eventful week...glad it went well and that you were able to enjoy family time, and still get back safely and in time to celebrate Easter!! :0) (Can't wait to see what you do with the $1.57 stencil from Walmart too!!)


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