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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

MIM #313 Mask & Stack

Wasn't the little cat so cute over at the PTI blog?
Betsy masked and stacked those cute little kittens in the video for the MIM.
I tried the cute little fox from Hello Foxy and it didn't turn out so great...take a look:
 I realized that every fox on the right as you look at the picture, has a tail in the face!  so clearly I could not start in the center and go both ways and mask
so then I started at the right and masked and moved to the left.  Well, that just looked boring to me, so I bagged that idea and moved onto the balloons..which turned out fine, just not as cute as stacked kittens!  I did cut out the balloons by hand so that I wouldn't have the white space between each stamped image. 
Thanks for stopping by friends!!

Heart Hugs, friends!


  1. Great job with this technique Colleen. Your balloon card is awesome! The fox tails are pretty funny! :) Good for you for giving it a second go. xx

  2. Cute! Cute Colleen! Great minds....... So funny about the fox tails. I think they came out great and definitely are card worthy. I can't even believe in just a short time we'll be crafting together. I can hardly contain my excitement just typing this!!

  3. OK, so you mastered this technique perfectly! I am also one who started with a central figure and wasn't too happy the loosing 'faces'. Can't wait to to see what other tricks you have to teach us! Btw, your balloon card is wonderful! Hugs!

  4. Wow...too darn cute Colleen! Just love your sweet and festive balloons and your adorable little foxes, simply wonderful!

  5. You are too funny! I am really loving the fox one. I think it is sweet that some of the foxes are hiding behind the others' tail!! : )

    ♥ Patti

  6. the balloons look fabulous- I know what you mean about the white space but was lazier and used dies!

  7. Love the colorful masked and stacked balloons! Festive card for sure!


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