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Monday, October 19, 2015

MIM ~ #227 Focal Clusters

The picture in my head turned out better than the actual card...does that ever happen to you?  I pulled out an old favorite of mine called Fall Elegance.
I really wanted the pumpkins to be sitting on top of a pile of leaves, didn't quite achieve that, but it is what it is.
The sentiment along the side is from the Tiny Treats:  Halloween, you can see I also used the die from Embroidered Borders.

I like the clustered look, I may try this with some Christmas cards!

My 94 year old Dad had a fall last Monday.
He climbed into a raised bed to pull out his last tomato stake.
Well the stake broke and he fell backwards out of the one raised bed, and landed on his left flank onto another raised bed.
We got him to the hospital and it was a cracked rib.
He came home and my brothers and I were nursing him.
He was in a lot of pain by Friday, so back to the ER, admitted him, and he is still there.
We were hoping he would get transferred to a skilled nursing facility, it hasn't happened yet.
Maybe tomorrow.
I am worn out!


  1. I love what you did with the card. Fall Elegance is one of my favorite sets. I just used it today! You have given me more ideas! Hope your father heals quickly and easily. XO

  2. Love your sweet fall card, Colleen! The pumpkins and leaves are so perfectly colored and really pop! I'm hoping to find time today to play along. I hope your dad will be on the mend quickly. (Hugs)

  3. So cute! Way to rock the challenge!

  4. Love the color combo. And yes, i have those "better in my mind" moments. I like Lexi's way of laying out the design prior to stamping on the card stock. Will save me wasting my good paper. Make it a fantastic day!

  5. You know I have those days. I think it turned out great.

  6. So sorry to hear your dad had a fall! Praying all will go well. It takes a bit longer when they're older. My mom is 91, and she has times when it takes awhile to recoup.
    Your card is adorable, and it looks like the pumpkins are on the leaves! Love your sweet fall scene!

  7. love the colours in your cluster. Sorry to hear about your Dad's accident - sounds painful. Hope you have some time to rest from the shock.

  8. Im so sorry your dad fell and broke some ribs. Wow still gardening at 94 what a blessing. I hope the pain is gone by now.
    I love your beautiful pumpkin cluster just beautiful!

  9. These pumpkins are fabulous, I love the colours!

  10. So sorry to hear about your Dad. Hope that things get better for him soon. Your card is adorable and love how you colored the leaves and pumpkins. Great composition.

  11. So sorry about your dad! Your cluster is beautiful! I love those pumpkins and the colors of the leaves are perfect!

  12. Your pumpkins are so realistic and I love the idea of them resting on a pile of leaves. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. He must be pretty agile to be crawling around to pull up stakes. A broken rib hurts all the time so I know he is uncomfortable. Bless you and your brothers for taking care of him. it is hard work and I know why you're worn out. They will take good care of him at the facility.

  13. I think your pumpkins sitting on the pile of leaves looks quite lovely Colleen, but boy do I ever know what you mean about how things look in your head and how they come out on paper! But anyway, your little cluster looks great and will definitely bring a smile to someone's face! And so sorry to hear about your dad! I've added him (and you!) to my prayer list and hope recovery will move along quickly. Hang in there my friend!!

  14. what a great fall cluster - thanks so much for playing make it monday! i hope your dad is feeling better soon.


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