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Saturday, March 14, 2015

MIM # 204 Water color or "Smooshing"!

I think this is my fifth card with this technique!  Betsy makes it look so easy, but seriously some of my "smooshes" left a lot to be desired!  ha ha!  I do like this one a lot and I also incorporated the  "doodling" technique from the week before.
If you want to watch the video and play along, go  HERE and be inspired by Betsy!
Stamps:  Frilly Flowers, Keep it Simple: Thanking of you
inks:  summer sunrise, hibiscus burst, simply chartreuse
misc:  sequins from the Shaker Market Kit.

These are just a couple of the other ones I made using this smooshing technique.


  1. They are all lovely Colleen! My first one turned out so pretty that I just assumed I knew what I was doing...I've made quite a few today and only one was worthy of making into a card, so you're's not as easy as it looks! I really do like the one you added the sketching to...very pretty! :0)

  2. I think that your smooshing is beautiful and especially paired with the sketching! I found the technique trickier than I had thought too, I love that you used Frilly Flowers along with it. I just finally ordered them and the dies since they are going into the vault!

  3. These are all so gorgeous, I don't know where to start my compliments! I especially love the first card with the white inks over the flowers in the first one. Gorgeous! As far as the smooshing goes - there's no wrong way to smoosh! My favorite technique is to dip, dry, dip, dry, and then dip again. It gives such an awesome depth!

  4. I love the smooshing and you did it wonderfully! These are all amazing! The FF. card looks amazing using this technique. I'm with you on wanting to use this on all cards! I love MIM!


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