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Friday, November 26, 2021

BABY JACKSON and cards

I think I need to share a few of the cards I have been busy making and also share some new photos of Jackson who, gosh is now 7 months old.  Where the heck did those months was just yesterday he was a little "peanut" and today, not so little!  LOL
Let me start with "Peanut" (as we all still call him that!)
If you all recall, my daughter Dina has had lymphoma twice, 8 years ago and then it recurred 3 years ago this coming Christmas.  The last bout of cancer was a difficult and hard  one.  She had to be hospitalized for 4 - 6 days each time for her infusions.    She spent a total of 30 days in the hospital for the almost three months of her treatment. It was round the clock infusions, so they had to keep a close eye on her, she also had to have several lumbar punctures to be sure the cancer did not go up her spine to the brain (this particular type is known for doing that)  It is not a very fun procedure to go through and it did make her quite sick at times with headaches and nausea, but the good news is that the lymphoma never did get into her spinal fluid, so we are most grateful for that.
I tell you this because she was told both times that it was very unlikely she could have more children after all the drugs that had been through her body.  And to be honest, they had two girls and a boy, so they were quite happy with their family of 5!
So this little guy is a miracle baby, unexpected, but gosh so loved and we cannot even imagine a life without him now.  And this from my daughter who is 44 and has a 20, 18 and 14 year old!
Just when she thought life would be getting easier and maybe more time for herself and certainly more time for her 14 year old son (because both girls are in college) along comes Jackson!

First I have to share his 6 month picture, I think it is so cute how they staged him in a pumpkin!

This was taken a couple of weeks ago when we had a sunny day, they took him to a local park and he LOVED the swing as you can tell by that big grin!  He is really one of the happiest babies I have been around.  He hardly fusses at all (unless of course he is hungry!)
And yesterday was his 7 month picture:

Jackson was a little "turkey"!  Can you see the feather on his hood?  Yes and his bum even had some feathers too!  We are so enjoying this little bundle of energy.

We had our family Thanksgiving on Monday and this is my younger daughter Lacey holding Jackson as he reaches over to give me a slobbery kiss!

And his Mama is in the orange sweater!
He is not crawling yet, but I wonder how one month and Christmas will go?
Fun days ahead for sure!

Thanks for bearing with me through all these baby pictures!

Now for some of the fun I have been having in my craft room (when I am not playing with Jackson~ he lives next door to me, lucky me!)

I played along with Pinkfresh Create and Connect a few weekends back.

 And because Christmas is just around the corner, I knew I would need some cards for giving the older grands money, so I discovered that the mini slimline is the perfect size for dollar bills!

That's it from me!  Hope you all are enjoying the holiday weekend and getting some good bargains out there...too many things on sale, which is a good thing, but can be overwhelming!

Have a fabulous weekend friends and thanks for taking the time to look through the pictures of my family!
Heart Hugs, friends!


  1. Oh my goodness--that Jackson steals the show! I'm so happy you shared these beautiful family photos, Colleen! Can only imagine the incredible joy he's brought to all of you! Fabulous cards--from elegant to cute! Happy Holiday Season!

  2. what a sweet suprize, and one adorable love little tyke ♥ and a wonderful selection of cards, my favourite ar the Christmas ♥

  3. What a wonderful post! Little Jackson is getting so big! I love the picture of him reaching over to give you slobbery kisses. So cute!! He truly is a miracle and I'm so happy for you, your daughter Dina and your family. Your cards are beautiful too. Wasn't that a fun weekend?? Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us.

  4. I enjoyed seeing these great pictures. Those slobbery kisses are the very best and warm your heart. He is adorable and a wonderful gift to your family. Your cards are so pretty and making slim lines for money holders is a perfect gift. Thanks for sharing your joy with us.

  5. What a wonderful post Colleen...I smiled through the whole thing! Your little Jackson is so darn CUTE, and I too love the photo of him giving you a slobbery kiss! Enjoy every minute with him!! Our little Maddy is now almost 15 months old, walking, and into everything...including the Christmas tree! Good thing she's cute!! Your cards are FABULOUS Colleen!! Your PFS cards are sooo pretty (did Lin do that weekend too?) and I'm loving your Gina K cards with the trees and houses too...such a fun set!! Thanks for sharing so much happiness with your family photos and lovely, lovely cards...totally made my morning my friend!! Hugs. :0)

  6. Jackson is ADORABLE!! You are so lucky to be living next door to him, Col!! He looks like the happiest guy around, and looks like he's had a lot of turkey too! :) What a lovely photo of him giving you a kiss. You can tell that he adores his Grandma!! You have two beautiful daughters ... they look like their Mama!

    Beautiful array of cards, my friend. Looks like you've been having lots of inky fun.


  7. What a wonderful story of your daughter and the birth of Jackson. TFS Congrats all. Oh, and I love the cards especially the skating bear.

  8. Thanks for sharing Jackson with us, Col! He is so adorable and so lucky to have you right next door. I can see by that slobbery kiss that he is as besotted with you as you are with him. And your cards are awesome! I especially love that skating polar bear!

  9. Baby Jackson is adorable!! And your batch of Christmas cards are fabulous - I especially love the one with the green, blue, and red houses.

  10. OMG - your youngest grandson is so darn cute! And the cards are great too. Enjoy the holidays with your family.

  11. First off… how are you a grandma of a 20 and 18 year old already!? 😂 Would have never guessed! 😉 Thank you for sharing Dina’s miracke story. So glad she is well and defied her prognosis. Jackson is so precious and I can see why you can’t get enough of him!

    And fabulous job on all the cards! I love the small size of the mini slimline, too!

  12. Well, how sweet is Jackson!?! and your cards are beautiful with the lovely soft florals and creative Christmas designs!

  13. What adorable pictures of Jackson. They do grow up so fast. And what a lovely bunch of cards you have created. As you know, I am slowly getting into my craft room. Just wanted to thank you again for the beautifully sponged purple and blue sky with the town, Christmas card. So pretty. We really need to set up a time for stamping together and sticking to it.

  14. just dropping in to say thank you for the wonderful Christmas card and it was so nice to see the pics of your Grandson, you get to play all over again :)
    Also love your wonderful selection of cards♥

  15. Oh Colleen, I have just now seen this post and so enjoyed reading all about Jackson and the blessing he is. The pictures are beautiful and so fun. Then I came to your beautiful cards. Love them all, especially the first one, I just swooned over it. Thanks for sharing all these lovelies (including Jackson). You are blessed they live next door. Also prayers that your daughter continues to do well. Love & Hugs.


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