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Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Hi friends!

I haven't been around very much except for projects that I worked ahead to post.

My dear Dad went to the Lord on July 3rd.

It was sudden, he almost lived to 100!!  Just 3 months shy of his century birthday!  We were looking forward to a BIG celebration with him and family!

This is our last picture of him the night before he had a stroke.  Monday night my husband and I always had dinner with him, our granddaughter Addie was staying with us and she came too.  Just before we left I took this picture of them.  We had a great dinner and he even walked us down the hall and to the garage.  He still lived in his home alone.  Between my two brothers and I we made sure we were there every morning to fix his breakfast and do laundry, etc. And we came back to eat with him or my brothers would bring his dinner later that day.

His stroke was on Tuesday morning about 5 am.  We brought him home on Thursday at noon and he died at 5:02 Saturday night.  It was a short time, I thought it would be longer, but the Lord's time is always perfect.  I had a lot of one on one time with him as I stayed with him and even slept in his bed while he was in a hospital bed.  The day he died most of the family was able to gather around his bed and see him for one last visit.  He was in and out of sleep.  In the afternoon it was my younger daughter Lacey and my younger brother and I sitting around his bed.  He woke up and with his left arm he blew us all kisses. About 3:30 in the afternoon my parish priest came to anoint him, he actually woke up and attempted to make the sign of the cross.  Oh, those memories are so precious to me and will forever remain in my heart.

He had a wonderful life and his last years he was the sweetest and most grateful person to be around.  He appreciated everything that was done for him and was so kind and thoughtful, still always thinking about the other person rather than himself.

Even though it was not a shock, he certainly leaves a huge void in my life.  Two mornings a week I spent at his home fixing him breakfast, going for walks with him spending time with him, then come back for our dinner with him.  The drive to his home took about 15 minutes and I always thanked God for giving me another day to see him and to do things for him.  He is missed.

Today is a hot day here and I thought it was a perfect day to play in the craft room for fun!  I had to play with the Color Hues Challenge and I am getting in under the wire with the colors of lime green and aqua.

This was a free stamp from The Greetery and the hummingbird is from Pretty Pink Posh: Thanks

I used PTI Aqua Mist ink and  lime green copics for coloring.

also a frame die cut from Penny Black:  Stitched nested Frame

Thanks friends for visiting and those of you who sent cards to me, I so appreciate every single one and the kind and thoughtful words you wrote to me.  Bless you all!

Heart Hugs, friends!


  1. Your card is absolutely lovely, but even more beautiful is your love letter to your dad! You were blessed to have him for so long, and I hope your wonderful memories will bring you peace. Thanks for joining us at Color Hues.

  2. Colleen I'm so sorry to hear about your dear dad. I'm glad you got spend a little time with him before he passed away. Almost 100 what a wonderful life surrounded by family♥
    Beautiful card with that adorable humming bird XX

  3. A beautiful card and a beautiful tribute to your dad. I've always loved seeing him in the pictures you've posted and I can tell how close your family was with him. Those sweet memories will always be with you.

  4. Oh Colleen--I am so sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you mean about the huge void in your life. Sounds like our dads were a lot alike. I truly feel the world is not the same with him gone, but so many treasured memories. How wonderful you got that last picture--a keepsake for your granddaughter & the whole family. My heart is with you. Beautiful use of the colors for your card! Sending hugs, Greta

  5. Colleen, I am sending my condolences and hugs to heal your aching heart. Your Dad sounds like the most wonderful man. You will indeed cherish all those wonderful memories of his life with you, and precious end of life hours.
    I'm missing my own Dad for 38 years now - lost him when I was still needing him so. But then, do we ever stop? Not for a moment!
    Love and prayers... and your darling card is so wonderful, too!

  6. Colleen, I am so sorry to hear about your dad. But so happy for you that you were able to spend so much time with him at the end. My dad died three years ago at 94 - it was quite sudden too and I was actually on the plane flying out to Toronto after my sister had phoned and told me I'd better come quickly but he died while I was on the plane. I would have loved that chance for a final goodbye so cherish those moments you had! What a beautiful final photo of him! My heart goes out to you and your siblings - it's never easy, not even when they've lived such wonderful long lives.

  7. Your card is very lovely with beautiful color! I was so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear father, Colleen! It sounds like you have a wonderful family who gave great care to your father! My father passed in 1993. It seems so long ago, but I feel his kindness and goodness as if he were right here with me. And, the ones we love do continue on in our hearts. My thoughts and prayers are with you and family. May God be with you and bring you peace, hugs!!

  8. We never stop missing them do we? You are so often in my thoughts and prayers, my friend. You have made a beautiful card using these colors! I love how the hummingbird is partially off the main image! Beautiful coloring!

  9. Colleen I am so sorry for your loss and how wonderful that you dad almost made it to his 100th year. It sounds like your dad was one in a million and I am so glad that you had such a warm and wonderful relationship with him. You will miss him, there is never enough time! Sending you hugs! Beautiful card.

  10. So sorry to read that your Dad has passed, but pleased that you were able to spend the last few days with him, no doubt he will leave a huge hole in your lives.
    Your pretty card is such a great way to use the colours at Color Hues, thanks for sharing. :)

  11. Colleen I am so sorry for your loss and how wonderful that your dad almost made it to his 100th year. It sounds like your dad was one in a million and I am so glad that you had such a warm and wonderful relationship with him. Sending you hugs! Beautiful card. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Color Hues.

  12. This is a lovely tribute to your Dad, Col. Your Dad was so special and he was surrounded by special people who loved him, and he knew that. I know you will miss him dearly. He looks so happy in the photo with your granddaughter, Addie. Sending love and hugs to you, my friend. Love, Loll


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