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Monday, May 7, 2018

Merry Monday with Debbie and Stars!

Welcome to another Merry Monday Christmas Card Challenge friends!
Debbie is our Merry Host this week and she is looking for stars on our Christmas Card!
My BFF gifted me this Gina K Wreath builder stamp & Kit...(I know, I have the BEST BFF, right? You all know her...Linda from Lin's Craft Corner and we have been BFF's for 6o years...I know we were all most cradle friends...LOL!) )and the first think I wanted to do was see if I could make a card and when I saw I needed stars for this challenge I set to work!  I of course practiced on scratch paper first and I learned a lot...1. Use the correct size paper in the template...ha ha...I know that should be a given, but I am not always focused! 2. Make sure each stamp as you turn the paper lands on the paper!  LOL again! 3.  If you are using something that has somewhat of a line to it, make sure it is straight and NOT kindywampus! IYKWIM!!)  So after several practice templates, I was ready to go for the GOLD!  I stamped three stars at a time with versamark, then embossed, then did three more, I did the larger 8 pointed stars first, then placed the other two stars in between and stamped them at the same time, again I turned and stamped three times then embossed.  And VOILA!  It worked friends!!
I then die cut a circle and stamped and embossed in gold my sentiment.  I attached it to a shiny gold paper and mounted it on a 4.25 x 4.25 square card.
So friends, I will look for your cards in the gallery!  But first, go check out the awesome star cards the DT made for you!
Heart Hugs, friends!


  1. Gorgeoussss. I don't have the wreath builder but I can see where you are going with these tips! Fantastic Christmas card with lots of shine and the design is awesome. You did great and how nice that Linda sent you the set.

  2. FABULOUS star card Colleen!! When I first looked I thought you were just really good at lining every star up so perfectly, but makes perfect sense after actually reading your post that you used the Wreath Builder set! It is fun thinking of all the different images besides flowers that you can use with that set, isn't it?! I just got the Concord & 9th Wreath Turnabout stamp set and had fun playing with it last night...a bit trickier than the GinaK, but turns out beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful week my friend!! :0)

  3. Great card and great design. Love how the stars are grouped around the special sentiment.

  4. Fabulous way to build a circular starry background, Colleen! Just love your circle sentiment in the center too! It's great to have long-time friends, especially crafty ones - you & Linda are so lucky to have each other!!

  5. This is just fun!! but the gold and silver give it and elegance too!! super design!!

    No wonder you and Linda are BFFs : ) you are both amazing!

  6. Fantastic card friend. I'm glad you like the wreath builder, but of course I knew you would. Just had to make sure your didn't buy it first. Lol... You put a lot of work into it by embossing it, but it certainly was worth it. Gorgeous....

  7. Sounds like you learned a lot while making this card!😂😂😂 The other day I kept making exasperated noises while creating a card and my oldest son said," I thought you were good at this!" LOL! Your card turned out beautifully! Have a wonderful day!

  8. Colleen - love your embossed stars! The Design Team has given me some great ideas for my own card this week. Will DEFINITELY use embossed stars!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!! -Donna

  9. Wonderful card, I love the way this turned out.


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