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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

MIM # 296 Small Images on repeat

Lexi has a video up for a new MIM, you can watch it HERE.
She shows us how to use those smaller stamps in the sets we buy and repeat it on the card.
This little cluster of pumpkins came from Vintage Picnic!
The sentiment is from Autumn Hills.

Lexi's Card is below
Small images hello squ 

Hope you all are having a great week...we have terrible fires here and the air quality is very poor, it looks like low clouds all day, we can't see the blue sky, still plenty hot though! 
Good time to stay indoors and out of the not so fresh air!

Heart Hugs, friends!


  1. adorable use of that stamp. I'm just loving seeing all the tiny images. Great job coloring those pumpkins.

  2. What a fun pumpkin design Colleen.

    Hugs Diane

  3. This is so adorable, Col. Nice coloring.

  4. SWEET little pumpkins! You did a FABULOUS JOB on this challenge! ;)

  5. What a sweet little pumpkin image you found to use Colleen...perfect for this challenge and the sentiment looks like it was made to go right along with the pumpkins! We see on the news about the fires and how devastating they are and my heart just breaks for all those affected by them and the hurricane victims too! Hope you stay safe my friend!!

  6. Beautiful CAS card with the sweet little pumpkins!!

  7. I like the look of the repeating pattern on your card. The little cluster of pumpkins is sweet. I hope you are safe and not in the line of fire. We see it on the news everyday and it is so sad. The fires and floods are just terrible. My son was set to leave for Miami Sunday for a business trip he won but that is cancelled because of Irma.

  8. Vintage Picnic? Wow haven't seen that set in a while! Your pumpkins are adorable and perfect for this challenge. Love your card, Colleen, and the sweet lineup of pumpkins. Didn't know you were affected by the fires, so awful. We are too, here in the valley. Take care!

  9. Aww love those darling and perfectly colored little pumpkins!! sweet card friend.

    So sorry about the fires. My sister is in Washington and show me her car covered with ash : ( so terrible for everyone including people unaffected by fire but struggling with breathing problems. Good for you that you can stay inside and create beautiful cards!! : )


  10. Too darn cute Miss Colleen! Love your sweet trio of plump pumpkins!

  11. I had never seen Vintage Picnic until seeing your sweet pumpkins. They are perfect for the challenge. This weekend has finally cleared our air here in Roseburg. It really was hard to breathe in the smoke. It's been heart breaking to see the Gorge fire photos.

  12. so sweet, those little pumpkins. What a darling card! Be safe my friend.


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