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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mum's the Word

What a fun stamp set from Papertrey Dad used to grow Chrysanthemums when we lived in Seattle...he had a green house and was in a club and even won the big award with his picture in the paper for having the biggest bloom and it was HUGE and it was gorgeous!  I knew I had to have this set if for no other reason than because it brings back those memories.  And my mom started entering the flowers he grew into centerpieces...our house always had beautiful arrangements.  Sadly I did not get that talent from her...I am lucky if my bouquet looks balanced!

First up are the three cards I made for my Aunts all still in Seattle...94, 91 and almost 90.  I will surely be thinking of a special card using this set for my dad who turns 92 in October!
This is a technique Nichole made on her blog during the Countdown release.  It is stamped and then reinkers and a watercolor brush were used...kind of artsy...which I am not!  But I like the looks of the card.

This last card took a while to make as I made the stripes myself using the colors I used for the mums...I stamped with the Super stripes set.  PTI Friendship jar was used and a vellum piece over the top of it.

I did not make all three today, but I did make the last one...we are having beautiful 80+ degrees here in the Portland, Oregon area...we are relishing these golden days and warm days...soon it will be dreary and raining!  But you know, without the rain, we would not have all this beautiful greenery surrounding us!  We are blessed!


  1. Beautiful fall cards! The flowers are so very pretty! Fab color and great use of twine!

  2. Wow, Colleen! These are all gorgeous! Love that flower and the clean lines.

  3. No wonder you are so good with these flowers. I knew you said your dad raised these but I did not know how much. Colleen these cards are all gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful cards Colleen that set is also on my wishlist and you've done a great job with it. And what abou not having the talent of your mother? You make beautfiul arrangements on your card so........... You are very blessed to have your ants and your dad at such a respectable age still around.

  5. I'm so sorry Colleen of course I meant aunts and not ants forgiveme for my poor english.

  6. Hahaha, Anja's mistake makes me laugh :):) I agree with her on the card arrangements!
    Nice to read about your happy memories! they must make working with these stamps more special.I love love love the cards you made fort your aunts , but the other two are lovely too!

  7. All so beautiful Colleen! Love your colour choices.

  8. How amazing your aunts are all going for longevity! Congrats to them.


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