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Sunday, August 25, 2013

SAF ~ Rolled Dough Design

Melissa Phillips demonstrated the Delight dough using vellum.  I rolled out the dough sandwiched between two pieces of vellum.  I die cut them using the Beautiful Blooms die several times with both colors.  Afterwards I immediately separated the vellum which allowed some of the dough to stick to both sides.  At that point I set them aside to dry.  As they dry, they roll up and curl into cool!  I layered two of the large blooms and two of the small blooms.  I die cut another small flower for the center...but since I had also rolled out some of the delight dough and left that to dry over night, I die cut a button shape with it and stamped with BB: text style.  The leaves were done the same way.

I guess I should mention that the dough is actually white, but I added some reinkers to the dough and kneaded it in until it was nice and smooth, although I think it would be a nice look to leave it more mottled.  That is how I achieved the different colors.  I added some Bakers twine under the flower.

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