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Sunday, August 25, 2013

SAF 2013 ~ Card 1 Sprinkle of Salt

This was a water color technique using salt...and I had better results with kosher salt than either table or sea salt.  I wet the watercolor paper really well, then used the wet brush dipped in the reinkers to brush it across the wet paper.  I used summer sunrise, berry sorbet and raspberry fizz.  the butterfly was made witht he Delight clay and stamped and then colored in with some copics.  The sentiments is from Side by Side.

I am having major problems staying on Nichole's blog, ever since this morning when my BFF and I tried posting pictures we have been unable to do so.  We can't even go to her blog and watch the videos.  As soon as we scroll down just a bit, an error notice comes up, we go into the task manager and delete the flash plug in, try again and the same error comes up.  I tried my tablet and the same thing.  My husband told me to go into his computer and try it, which I did and the same error came up, he then tried our business computer and it was the same problem.  I was able to go to You Tube and watch a few of the videos, and I can watch some of the videos the designers posted on their blog, but I cannot post anything to Capture the Moment.  So even though I am making cards for the challenges ( I am only up to Sprinkle with Salt) I cannot post anything to the blog...bummer.  I notified customer service and apparently I am only the second one to ask about this problem, although I did see several comments on the forum about this error issue.  According to Julie, she does not have a problem getting onto Nichole's blog.  So I guess that is just the way it will go this year...I have a feeling it has to do with the inlinkz...I hope this issue gets solved for future years...maybe just sending a link to the Papertrey You Tube and directing everyone there so her blog doesn't get jammed up with people not only watching the numerous videos, but also posting the cards there...something to think about for next year, I would think!

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