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Sunday, August 25, 2013

A closing picture...

I know we need to post a picture of us on the night of the SAF...well, this is what Lin and I looked like because we had to leave in the early afternoon for a wedding!!  My nephew got married at a location that was over an hour's drive away.  And we drove my 92 year old father, he needed to be there a bit early to have some family pictures taken.  Since Lin and I have been friends for over 56 years, she is definitely part of our family as I am part of her family.  The location was absolutely gorgeous...up above Hood River with a beautiful view of Mt. Hood.
The very happy bride and groom


  1. Wow you had a very busy weekend and what a nice picture of you and your girlfriend. You look great Colleen!!!!!!!! And what a gorgeous surrounding and a very happy couple.

  2. When I first saw this picture I thought looked ready for a wedding:) were. You both look great you were friends at birth? How wonderful you are still so close....I had no idea. You knew each other that long. Beautiful pictures TFS


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