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Monday, June 10, 2013

Festive Friday Challenge # 10 ! Vintage Theme!

I was just telling my BFF (as we are skyping and playing with stamps and paper!!) that vintage is NOT something I do well, or that I even choose to do because I don't get it.  Of course I love so many things that I see that are layered and have the vintage look, but when I do it, it just seems a hodge podge of 'stuff' with that being said, I did try to make a vintage Christmas card for the Festive Friday.  Now, Meredith, please don't judge too harshly, yours are always is just better to not say anything if you don't have anything nice to say, okay?  (*wink...although your comments always lift my spirits!!)
Does this even count?  It was a piece of paper that I found...then I embellished it with a stamp from Holly Jolly, added a die cut poinsettia from Bells and Boughs and stamped off the leaves a couple of times.  Next I decided to add some Christmas gifts which were made easy by using the Make a Wish die for the boxes and the ribbons on top.  To finish it off I took the "Believe" from that same stamp set and embossed it in GOLD on Santa's hat.  So that is it folks...nothing more to say except to thank you for forcing to me to go outside my comfort zone and try something different.  It took me FOUR hours to make this ONE card, and my BFF has made FOUR cards in the same time it took me to make this...of course to be honest I was off on a different tangent (which didn't work at all) went this route instead.


  1. See I knew it would turn out good. Love that paper. Great job....

  2. Hahaha... okay, I laughed out loud at your post!!

    I love these papers - Graphic 45, right? They are perfectly vintage, and I love that you thought to layer the gifts and poinsettia on top - so it's lovely!! You're way too hard on yourself, Colleen!

    I am so glad that even though you weren't thrilled about the theme, you still went for it!! And I would never judge harshly - I love seeing you play every week!

  3. The paper does not need much and you did great! Sometimes it's nice to challenge yourself and do something that is different. We all have preferences, but still... I like it!

  4. I feel the same way - sometimes vintage seems to mean fussy! But you've hit the nail right on the head here - vintage images simply used - perfect! Thanks for playing with Festive Friday!

  5. Now, Colleen,'s good to get out of your comfort zone every once in awhile! And look at your results!!! What in the heck are you talking about...does this even count...your images here are perfectly vintage and your embellishments and stamping fit in so nicely!!! It's a great card! So glad you gave it a try...(I guess this one was a reminder of why it's called a 'challenge';)...I love it!!!

  6. A simple thought gave tons of effect to your card. The image on the paper speaks everything about vintage. Thanks for sharing your card.


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