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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Make It Monday #34: Thick Chipboard Accents

The challenge this week, was to make your own "chipboard" using a cereal box, or any other thinner cardboard and cutting it out 3-4 times and applying glue to each layer, you are in essence making your own chipboard.  The final cut is made with white card stock and then stamped and colored with copics...I pulled out the bus from the "Boys Basic:  Truckin' It"...Kind of a fun little card...I added that cute little dog from the Tiny Valentines Treat  and the tree from Falling reminded me of my grandchildren who live right next door...they catch the bus and the dog is sitting there watching them leave...he does not leave the property but gives a farewell bark to them...Thanks for taking a look!
Sorry for the poor quality of, we are having 80 degree days here in Oregon...and it is almost October 1!  We are loving it!!  The dog just has a 'shadow', he is not made into a chipboard (I hand cut him!!), but the bus has 5 layers!

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