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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Birthday Card for a 12 Year Old Boy

I can't believe my oldest grandson will be 12 on Tuesday...seems not that long ago that he was giving me all these gray hairs I have!  tee hee (so true!).  He is into Motocross Racing...BIG TIME....and he is pretty darn good at it too, even though I may be a bit prejudice!  So I looked around for stamps and the only one I could find was the one I used on this card...I showed my husband and he said, "This is the wrong kind of bike"...well, what can I was the only one I could find...perhaps I need to put in a request to my favorite stamp source:  Papertrey, Ink and see if they couldn't come up with some cute motocross bikes with some cool sentiments...hmmm...seems like we have cars, trains, trucks, even animals...and of course they have the whole guitar and "rock" kind of stamps...but how about for the real boy boy...who is out getting down and dirty on the race tracks???
And here he is with the First Place proud of him and so happy that he is doing something that he really likes doing and has fun doing it to...and with his dad!  His dad actually built a huge motocross race track on some property that his dad owns...they have fun going up there almost everyday...practicing the jumps and hills...oh my, he can certainly catch some air!!

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