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Thursday, June 23, 2022


Hi friends, so good to see you here!
A summer activity card is requested by Barbara as our theme for this challenge.

I didn't have to think to hard to come up with what I would like to do for a summer activity.
I really only live a little more than an hour from the Pacific Ocean, but I don't seem to be able to get over there very often these last few years.
However, when my girls were younger we vacationed there annually and I have so many wonderful memories from the beach.
Today, I suppose I can now picture myself sitting in those chairs, people watching, bird watching and  going for walks along the water's edge.
And now that I also have a one year old grandson, I suppose I can see myself making sand castles and chasing a little one around in the sand!
I hope you will take some time to make a card and share your favorite summer activities!
You are always welcome to make any kind of BIRTHDAY CARD TOO! 

Now check out the design team and our special party guest for more fun summer activities!


Heart Hugs, friends!


Lorraine A said...

Gorgeous card Colleen :-) the whole beach scene is fabulous, a perfect way to spend a birthday, relaxing on a beach reading a good book! Idyllic! :-)

Thanks so much for having me along as your party guest, I have thoroughly enjoyed these past 2 months! :-)

Hope you have a great weekend!
Lols x x x

Barbara said...

I’m so glad you didn’t have to think hard to come up with this card for my theme of summer activities. You were thinking the same way I was. How relaxing to just sit on the beach soak up the sun and enjoy the view. Great card Colleen.

Bonnie said...

This is my kind of summer activity, Col! Nothing better than sitting and watching the waves roll in!

Nancy said...

What a great summer scene you created, Colleen! I am ten minutes from the beach and we still don't go as often as we should. It is just so crowded all the time and of course, now it's too hot. I sound like such a grump. LOL Your water and sand look amazing!

Cathy said...

Wonderful beachside scene, love the added footprints too! It's very chilly here today, so wish I was there too! Cathy x

Trina P. said...

Now that’s one fabulous summer activity! Beautiful beach scene. My nearest Pacific Ocean beach is only a half hour walk away, and yet I haven’t been there for more than half a decade. 😂

Loll said...

That's the life Col. Sitting on a sandy beach watching the waves roll in. :) Awwww ... I can smell the ocean right now. :) xx

Ashwini Rao said...

I remember having great times at the beach during my childhood summer holidays as well. Love the little scene in your card. The water and sand look amazing.

Greta said...

Very cute scene, Colleen!

Glenda J said...

The beach is definitely my favourite place and you captured it so well in this card. Great colours on this fun scene. Hope you get to the beach soon!

shirley-bee said...

Lovely beach scene, Colleen, a definite summer activity!

Vicki Dutcher said...

Relaxing beach card! Wouldn't mind being there at all :)