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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Just Us Girls #461 ~ Word Week ~ sympathy

Hi friends, I colored this flower image from SSS Beautiful Flowers 2 awhile ago and just now put it together.  It is a huge flower branch that I even had to cut off both ends after adhering at an angle.
I used a soft light pink ink with a PTI stencil from Garden Gate for the background.
I am always needing sympathy cards so this one just fit the bill.

Other than having my projects ready for design projects well ahead of time, I have not been in my craft room much at all.  I am going on 9 weeks since my Total Knee Replacement.  At 6 weeks I had a knee manipulation because I lost some flexion in my knee.  Since then I have had PT 3 X a week and working hard on getting the knee to bend.  It is depressing and I must say a little lot frustrating.  The positive way to look at it is that at least I am not going backwards, but slowly moving forward.  I think I was 94 degrees earlier this week.  So that is baby steps forward.  The knee is still swollen, so I can't really expect it to bend much, the skin feels so taut it hurts to bend it.  I am just waiting for the day I wake up and I can walk!  I spend a lot of time on the couch, with my knee raised on pillows and I still ice it with an ice machine.  I am not sleeping that great either as I wake up at least three times and need to go out to the living room and ice it so the knee is numb and I can try going back to sleep.  
Everyone says I will LOVE my knee after I get through more pain when I walk, well, I am waiting for that time, because right now I can't even imagine doing my other knee.
And I am NOT driving because I can't bend my knee...that is not a bad thing, I have wonderful chauffeurs with my daughters and husband...but still.
I am getting really tired of being on my backside a lot!
I do walk around the house, up to the mailbox and I get on my recumbent bike several times a day and I do the exercises given me by the therapist.  so I am moving, I am just not enjoying this whole process!  And I miss making cards!  But I just have no mojo to do anything!

Heart Hugs, friends!


  1. Beautiful flowers Colleen and so perfect for sympathy card.

  2. Your card is absolutely GORGEOUS Colleen! I love the softly stenciled background and your flowers are so beautifully colored...a perfect sympathy card! I am so sorry to hear the healing is still moving along so slowly...I can just hear the frustration in your post. You are still in my prayers my friend and I'll ask if the healing process can be speeded up a bit so you can get on with life! Hang in there and take care and know you are loved!! :0)

  3. Gorgeous sympathy card...just so beautiful. Your flowers are so pretty! Wishing you well as you recover from your knee surgery!

  4. Oh, Col! I'm sorry you're still struggling with your knee. I know it's painful if you don't feel like making cards! But your flowers are gorgeous! The depth and range of colors are beautiful! Keeping you in my prayers!

  5. My heart hurts for you! I am so very sorry this has not gone as planned! You have every right to be sad and lacking mojo. I wish I had a magic wand to make things go better! I pray in time that will be the case. I am touched you even took the time to join me at Just Us Girls this week. This is a beautiful stamp and card. Heart HUGS!

  6. So sorry you are having this situation with your knee replacement. I pray things get better for you real soon.
    I love your gorgeous card and your coloring of these pretty flowers. They look great on the soft background. TFS

  7. That is one big flower that is center stage on this card but is so beautiful. I hear your frustration and pain while all this is happening. I wish I could fix it for you and you could get back to the important task of making cards! Sending hugs and healing thoughts.

  8. Gorgeous sympathy card Col. I'm so sorry to hear that recovery has been so slow and painful. I wish there was something I could do for you other than send prayers and healing thoughts your way. I'm thankful to hear that there is progress, albeit very slow progress. Big, soft, squishy hug coming your way. xx

  9. Col, I'm surprised you didn't win the JUGS challenge with this beautifully colored flower. I'm hoping that since you posted this you have more progress on your knee. Love you friend.

  10. Hugs. I've just had a shoulder arthroscopy and am due a total hip replacement. I really hope you see swift improvements with your knee. This is a really beauty of a card.


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