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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Twofer Challenge #1 a redeeming post

I am redeeming myself friends!
I was in such a hurry to get a card made for The TWOFER CHALLENGE that I totally focused on two cards for different occasions, not really thinking about two different DESIGNS!!
SO after a three day weekend in the gym...and LOOOONG days at that (one granddaughter played at 8 am- 1 pm, the other played at 3 - 9:30 pm!!) I was ready to get back into the studio and come up with new designs.  I was asked for a couple of thank you cards, so I set to work using the same feather from PTI's Happy trails and using totally different designs for the cards.  Here is what I came up with, and I so apologize for not reading the directions and following them, Darnell!!  And by the way...I think this is terrific and challenging (obviously for me!  *wink) and I appreciate the rules of this challenge!!

Using feathers was perfect because my cards are going to a man thanking him for his service at church.  I like to have several options for the person so choose from, so I loved using the same stamp but with different designs.  I also LOVE this sentiment and think it is so appropriate!
One more thank you card that has nothing to do with the twofer challenge, just wanted to throw in one more card choice for my friend who is sending it.
Okay my friends, I totally feel better about entering these two cards in this challenge, I hope you will go and do the same.  And don't forget to read the rules and follow them!
Heart Hugs, friends!


  1. What a treat to find a "three-fer" today! I adore your feather cards, the colors are so soft and sweet! The last card is wonderful as well and so fitting for your friend. Love both of those sayings...

  2. You weren't alone Colleen in making two similar cards...I did the same thing and I noticed quite a few others did too! So I guess there are quite a few of us who need to take closer care when reading directions, me included! And yay to you for doing a "redeeming post"! Both of your CAS feather cards are FABULOUS (don't you just love that dotted rectangle's one of my favorites!)!! I really like your tree card too and you definitely are giving a nice variety of thank you cards to choose from!! Well done my friend!! :0)

  3. BE-U-Tee-Full!!! OK, so you don't need 2 different cards, you did different designs, right? And they are gorgeous! The rainbow feathers is soon too cased... by me. Love it!

  4. Hi Colleen. First the cards for today ... wonderful designs for both cards. Love the variations you made with this beautiful feather image. And the thank you card is fantastic!! Thanks for playing along with us again at Twofer Card Challenge.

    As for your first entry at Twofer ... your two designs were totally different. I loved the cards from your first entry. I think you followed the rules perfectly. xx

  5. Great cards using the feather stamp. Beautiful colors and designs!

  6. I love these beautifully colored feathers! It's going to be a tough choice!

  7. I love how you challenged yourself to get even greater differences between your cards (although your first post qualifies as different). That is the name of this game, and a challenge to us all! I love your arrangement and your bold sentiment on your first card, and the rainbow of feathers paired with the vellum on your second card. Thanks again for joining in on the fun at Twofer Card Challenge!

  8. You've come back for more, Colleen ... and in such a delicious manner! Your first entry was wonderful (and different) enough, Colleen ... and these are just gorgeous! That dotted frame is beautifully enhanced with the soft pastel feathers ... and I love the rainbow of delicacy with the dreaminess of the vellum panel. A terrific Twofer! Thanks so much for playing along with us again! Anita :)

  9. I love the new take on the feather cards. These are just as pretty as the first ones! The thank you card is really nice and will be appreciated. Glad you are back in the volleyball courts with the girls. I know they are glad you are there watching.

  10. Darling friend, there is nothing to apologize for! You have us at Twofer scratching our heads because you DID make two distinctly different designs the first time! You will see some in the gallery who missed that part, but you aren't one of them. But they also need to be for two different occasions. I just couldn't be more honored and tickled that so many are supporting me with this challenge! This first time there will be kinks to be worked out and that is to be expected. It's a for-reals hard challenge, even for us on the Team. I've already changed up some of the prompts for coming months because they were too darn hard for us to work with which meant they would have not been well received, lol!!

    Both of these designs are stunning! Your offset feathers and pierced rectangle work beautifully with that bold sediment on the first card and I love the colors! And your second card is CASlicious and charming with the rainbow of feathers! I love your awesome camouflaged tree thank you, too, BTW! Thank you so much for playing in my Twofer Card Challenge a second time!! Enjoy the soccer games! (Wow, they last a lot of hours! You guys are the best grandparents!) Hugs, Darnell


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