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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Paper Angel Ministry

Hi friends!  I am part of a Paper Angel Ministry at my church.

The ministry sends cards to others on behalf of the parish...the cards can be for birthdays, new baby, anniversaries, thank you, thinking of you, sympathy, illness, accident, praying for you etc. And I donate the cards that are sent out, we have a volunteer that addresses and writes a personal note inside the card.  I get the requests and just recently had a request for Praying for you for both male and female, so this is what I made:

I decided the best use of my time is to duplicate the design, just change out the colors.
Also ever since PTI came out with Envelope Envy, I have been doing a better job of decorating my envelopes and the inside of my cards.  I think it adds a special touch to the card.
Here is just one of the examples I made to go with one card:

Well, that is it for me friends...until the next request comes through!
Oh and I had a stamp made just for this ministry:
I invited a friend to assist me with this ministry, I thought I could get overwhelmed and would need help, so a friend from bible study is helping with the cards.  We just made 45 valentine cards for the Homebound people we visit on Sundays!  We are keeping busy and we love it.  Just at church today a lady behind me asked if I was the one making the cards and I told her yes, she said she had received one and loved it...I guess that makes it all worth while!  I had a special request for a card for a wife who was moved from the family home because of dementia, she turned 91 the end of December and her poor husband is so lonely, they had taken a picture of the two of them and wanted it incorporated into a birthday card, so I added them inside a heart and decorated the edges with flowers and had a banner with birthday wishes on it...It turned out really great and they loved this ministry brings me great joy!
Thanks for staying so long for this visit!!

Heart Hugs, friends!


  1. What a great ministry Colleen...such a perfect way to touch lives and hearts! I used to do a similar ministry at our old church where the membership was about 150, so it was very manageable. Now we belong to a quite large church (3,000 plus), and I just don't stamp that fast! They actually have a card ministry, but I got involved in another area when we joined and have just never had the time to devote to another large ministry! I do make it a point to send out most of my cards though and am glad I can lift spirits and touch peoples lives when they need it most! And I know your cards will do exactly that too...they are ALL beautiful Colleen!! :0)

  2. That is the most wonderful place to send your cards. I know they bring surprise and joy to all those who receive them. These prayer cards are so beautiful and uplifting.

  3. What a wonderful use of your talent! I have followed your blog for several years and use it a launching pad to visit many of my other go-to stamping blogs. You are especially gifted in creating "flower arrangements" :).

  4. I'm so happy for you Colleen. You get to share your love of card making with people who really need a lift. Think of the joy you are bringing to others. You are such a generous and loving person. xx


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