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Saturday, November 25, 2017

25 Days of Christmas Tags ~ Day 25 with Pink & Main

I have one Pink & Main stamp and they are the sponsors for day 25 of the 25 Days of Christmas Tags
It has these cute reindeer pulling the sleigh with Santa, I left the sleigh off and colored in these cute flying reindeer. The stamp set is HoHoHo and really cute.
Even though the images are different, they both are reindeer and from Pink & Main, so I am using Lindsey M-p as my inspiration for using a reindeer.

Heart Hugs, friends!


  1. What a cute, cute image it! And congrats...we both made it through the 25 days!! What are we going to do with all our free time now?? Haha!! :0)

  2. These little reindeer are adorable. I hope Santa's sleigh is little and not too full!

  3. Oh how cute this is Colleen! Those reindeer are adorable!


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