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Saturday, November 18, 2017

25 Days of Christmas Tags ~ Day 17 with Jillibean

Day 17 of the 25 Days of Christmas Tags is sponsored by Jillibean Soup.
I noticed there were a lot of shaker tags in so many fun shapes and perfect size for tags.
I was inspired by the tag from Kimber McGray, she had a snowglobe with a snowman family inside.
this is  Winter Snowglobe from Papertrey.
Heart Hugs, friends!


  1. Colleen, I can't keep up with your tags! I took one day off to make some tags and here you are, perking right along. This snow globe is so cute. I wanted to tell you I took a class from Kimber many years ago. We made a paper bag scrapbook and it was so clever. It was a fall theme and I should make another one. She has great ideas.

  2. Cute, cute tag my friend! That little snowman is just darling!


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