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Monday, July 25, 2016

SAF 2016 Farewell Friends!!

You know my BFF, Linda (on the right) drove down from Seattle to play with me!  She does every year!!
This was a fun SAF, so thank you to the design team and Nichole for all your hard work in putting this together, it really broadened my artistic endeavors!  I still have a long way to go to be more proficient in many areas, but I thank you for bringing so many techniques here this time!!
I must admit we struggled a bit with splatters, actually we could do splatters, we could NOT get a nice big matter how high I held the paint brush I still always got a round glob...the other one was the Floral Impressionism by Melissa, we both loved it and tried many different stamps in my arsenal, but nothing worked!  And of course my package that had the Floral Sketches, which was supposed to arrive on Saturday didn't show up and wasn't in my box today either, apparently it is coming tomorrow!!
So Lin and I will have fun the rest of the week, playing and maybe shopping at our favorite Craft store...we both have new things that we can share with each other and of course we can always practice what we have learned from this year's SAF!
Heart Hugs, friends!


  1. Oh my gosh, look at all of those beautiful cards! It sure looks like you two had a fun time. What a great idea and a perfect excuse to craft together....not that a crafter ever needs an excuse. lol Great job, ladies!

  2. I can tell you both had a great time with SAF this time. All of your cards are lovely. I really love the Starry Night sky cards. Have a fun time while Linda is there.

  3. What a great photo of the both of you and all your wonderful creations! It must have been so much fun getting together for a weekend of stamp play. So cute!!

  4. You guys look great & you made wonderful cards! Enjoy the rest of your time together!

  5. I love seeing the two of you together! Hope one day to wedge my bunz in there with you!! : )


  6. You too are so lucky to be best friends that both enjoy stamping. Lucky bums really! Beautiful display of cards and happy, pretty, smiling faces. Love this.


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