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Saturday, August 29, 2015

SAF ~ Threads with Danielle Flanders

I loved Danielle's buttons, but ha ha, I think I laid it down wrong on this card... oh well, too late now!
I did some "smoothing" of yellow, oranges and a touch of red, then I die cut the flowers and branch from Embellished Elegance and the sentiment from Autumn Abundance.
We had trouble finding a four holed button, but I decided to go with this green one.
Still trying to catch up a bit.  I think we will be scrambling tomorrow at my home in West Linn, Oregon!!
Thanks for stopping by and visiting, I am sorry I have not been visiting many blogs today, I will try to remedy that Monday or Tuesday!!


  1. Wonderful card, love the background and branch with beautiful flowers and leaves. The button and twine make a great centerpoint!

  2. Oh my gosh, that watercolor background is gorgeous! I love the patchiness of it and how it's almost worn away around the edges like and old painted wall!

  3. WOW and Lin really have been busy! Your cards are ALL beautiful, and I wish I had time to comment on each and every one! I love the background on this card...the colors are SO vibrant and I think your button and the tying of the thread looks great! Really loved your lighthouse card and the bridal one are going to have a nice stash of cards from this weekend! :0)


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