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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Coloring with Granddaughter

I knew Lily, my 12 year old granddaughter,  would love to color with this new set from Altenew, Garden Grow, and when I showed it to her, she had to start creating right then!  The first card on the right is mine...I am going to give this to my  BFF's Father who will be turning 95 the end of this month.  I thought it would be okay for a masculine card, yes some flowers in pots, but I think that is okay.  There is a little tag in the pot on the bottom second to the left, I wrote in 8/29 because that is his birthday.

I love showing Lily new techniques and she was really excited about the whole masking idea.  So she went to town.  She happened to get a smidge of black ink on the card, so she used the trick of scraping it away, but she got carried away and scraped a lot more than she should have!  So we came up with the idea to put the sentiment on a banner to cover up the boo boo!  And then it was her idea to draw a black line all around the banner, but leaving a little space so she could color in the edge with a coordinating color that she had already used, we had to decide between the teal from the boots, or the purple from the butterfly...decided the teal would be best.

Lily's card
Didn't she do a great job?  She has another project going now using some stamps from MFT called Polynesian Paradise,  a little more involved, so it will take awhile to complete that card!

I used the Zig clear brush pens, Lily used copics to color.

Thanks for taking a look, have a wonderful weekend!  Tomorrow I am heading down south about 90 minutes drive to spend the day with friends from high school...we do this once a year, there are 7 of us this year.  One of the girls lives on the McKenzie River and she really puts on a feast for all of us.  the other six of us live in the greater Portland area, so we carpool and drive together.   Of course you know we talk non stop the whole drive, we are told to NOT talk at all until we get to her house...yeah, like that is going to happen.  Then she tells us to record everything we say!!  We just repeat it all again later, we are like that, we love to talk and eat and go for walks...A great day to reconnect with these awesome ladies!


  1. Sounds and looks like you and Lily had a wonderful day! Lily is the perfect age and oh my gosh she did a wonderful job! Just like grandma with blessed with so much talent and creativity. Both are darling and oh no.... I like that stamp set!
    Have fun with the girls!

  2. You and Lily both made amazing cards and how fun to stamp together...hope Addy will want to do this with me someday! Have a fun day with your high school friends...sounds like a great day!! :0)

  3. Both of these cards are so great. Lily showed me her card yesterday while we were Skyping. It is so awesome. Love yours too.... Have a fun day laughing and talking, catching up with your friends.

  4. What a fun and happy post, Colleen! I can just picture all of you in the car jibber-jabbering away! I would be like the hostess saying not to talk until I can hear it all, too! Oh, girlfriends are just the best!! And then your card for Linda's Dad is a garden delight that I'm sure he will cherish!

    And Lily! What talent she has inherited from her grandmother!! I can remember being 12 and loving to color more than anything. For me it was a happy place to escape to, but for Lily it will be life-long memories of sharing time with you and of learning all the tips and tricks you are teaching her. (And vice versa, eh?! I think her black-lined/colored banner idea rocks!) Enjoy your day!! Hugs, Darnell


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