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Friday, August 22, 2014

STAMP-A-FAIRE 2014 Meet & Greet

Yeah!  The Stamp-A-Faire my BFF and I have been
waiting for all year is finally here!!
Here I am in my craft room and we are excited to get his show on the road...although I don't think we will be up at 4 AM PNW time!!  *wink
My BFF is finally here:
Linda and I have been friends since I was 7 years old living in Seattle just down the road from her!
Now 57 years later we are still best friends even though I live in Oregon!
And the one of many things we have in common is our love of stamping and making cards!
So we have already had 5 days of playing in the craft room and look forward to a full day tomorrow with all the PTI designers!
Thanks PTI for putting on such an awesome day for us!
Heart Hugs!


  1. Ready, set, go. We are going to have so much fun tomorrow.

  2. Wow!! you are blessed indeed!! Have fun girls : )


  3. How fun! I'm sure you will both have a blast! I am in Puyallup and will be getting up at 4am to join in the fun! Not saying I won't "accidentally" forget to set the alarm though... :)

  4. Nothing like spending time with our oldest and bestest friends ;-)
    Have fun ladies, can't wait to see what you create together!

  5. What fun pictures. I know you will have such a good time all day stamping. It's wonderful that you share a love of stamping and have a chance to get together for a whole week. You have such a lovely smile and look so happy.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Hope you girls have fun! Wish I had time to play.


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