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Saturday, August 23, 2014

SAF Renaissance Period with Nichole

Now we are moving to the Renaissance Period with Nichole..
I used a pieced of velvet and heated it over the stamp to impress the image.
The fancy die cuts came with the kit.
Heat embossed with gold the sentiment.
I made a second card embossing the image with gold onto pure poppy paper.
The rim is made with the gold shimmer paper.
You can see I had a little bit of trouble with glue!!
This was a pattern paper given in the kit, I stamped the 'A' with delicate gold as well as the birthday greeting.  Pretty simple and easy to put together because Nichole took all the work out for us by giving us that wonderful background paper!
Linda and I are a bit is nearly 2 pm here and we are just going to watch the Regency video with Melissa when I am done posting these cards...thank you for giving us two extra days!  Sure appreciate the extra time!


  1. Ohh! These are great! I did the velvet too but I think I like the look of yours on cardstock even better! Bonus-cardstock is cheaper than velvet! :)

  2. Beautiful! I had the hardest time with this era. Your cards are spectacular!!


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