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Monday, August 4, 2014

Granddaughter made a card for her sister

Yeah!  Lily is coming home tomorrow after 20 days!
She has been in Cape Cod with a friend from school!!
We have all been missing her!
Ellie made a card for her:
Ellie saw my previous post with the butterfly and loved it, so she wanted to make one like it...we used a heart for the masking and added in an arrow.  Ellie did all the sponging and added the pearls.  She even did the embossing!
Earlier in the day we made a chocolate cake from scratch for Lily, that was Ellie's idea too!
We had enough batter to make a few husband said it was the best chocolate cake he ever ate! It was so light and moist and really yummy...can hardly wait to cut into this two layer heart cake!!
Ellie's 7 year old brother is in here with us...die cutting, embossing, using the powder buddy...he is telling his 13 year old sister how to do everything!
Okay, now it is 10:10 pm and they are heading home for the night.. I will walk them next door, their parents are out for the night!  I am ready for bed!
Heart Hugs!


  1. I know where she got the talent from! :) A great card ! The heart cake looks delicious! Enjoy!

  2. Beautiful card, Ellie! Nice job! Beautiful cake too!
    How fun to be in Cape Cod for 20 days,I love that place!

  3. Ellie what a great card for Lily. She is going to love it and that delicious looking cake.

  4. Oh this post made me smile! How neat to have your grandkids close & involved--love Ellie's card--so well done--& the cake is making my mouth water!


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