One seed can start a garden, one candle can light a room, one step can begin a journey, one conversation can start a friendship, one smile from a handmade card can lift one's SPIRIT!

Sunday, August 11, 2013


I am here in sunny Maple Valley Washington with my BFF.  I came up for an Italian family reunion...lots of good food and lots of good conversation ~ catching up with everyone after a year.  One of my many blessings is the wonderful family I belong to...and my dad's two sisters were able to be at the event.  One is 94, the other almost 90 and my dad is inbetween...almost 92!  While here, we made a point to visit to mom's sister...her last living sibling and she will be 91 in December.  She still lives in her own house, has a big back yard that she takes care of and she does all her own cooking and shopping.  She is amazing!

I am now with my BFF and we are crafting away.  I will stay here until Thursday, then we both will drive down to my house in Oregon and she will stay with me for two weeks.  She plans to be at my house for the SAF festivities...we are so excited about that day.  Sadly I have a wedding in the afternoon, so I will miss some of the late afternoon videos...I guess I will be playing catch-up on Sunday!

Okay, back to the card...using the Peaceful Garden from Lisa Johnson at MFT I made a black and white card for my sympathy stash.


  1. Very beautiful! Love the addition of the twine.

  2. Oh I do love this card! You have influenced me to buy this set, it is so gorgeous!!

  3. This is really beautiful, Colleen; I love the shadowed images, and the gingham feature. What a lovely story about your family and their wonderful, long lives!


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