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Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Wedding Shower Card

My nephew is getting married in August and today I am going to a shower for the bride to be.  I have been gone all week in HOT and sunny Arizona...we are talking 104 + fact the day we left it was 118!  Now that is HOT...but a dry hot.  We came home to sunny Oregon and it was 90 but felt much warmer because of the humidity...sticky hot!

Anyway, I had to jump right on making a card and buying a gift...the bride to be is definitely a "vintage" kind of young I pulled out Simply Jane and went to town.  Her colors are shades of pink.  I kept the card really simple, added some bling for her neck ( white embossed pearls!) and a pink flower for her hair.  It is actually a "tea party" for the shower and they asked us to wear flowers or hats or something special in our I gave this little lady some flowers for her hair!

I might just make one more card using the Tea for Two set...just because it is a tea party...we have two gifts for her, so another card would be just fine.


  1. Very pretty Col. Good to have you back even if for just a short time....

  2. This is beautiful! She will love it, you've made this with her taste in mind.


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