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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Daughter update...GREAT NEWS!

Yesterday I had a three month follow up appointment with my oncologist.  The plan is to be proactive so I will have CT scans every 6 months for two years then once a year for 5 years.  Otherwise, I am very good. I am still dealing with the UTI from the time of surgery, but we are trying to go a "holistic" way and conquer this bacteria ~ I have faith that this will work, but just take time to do so.  As I was sitting at the scheduling desk for my next three month appointment the Doctor came out and told us he called the pathologist to get some preliminary word on Dina's bone marrow biopsy from last Friday.  She is CANCER FREE in her bone marrow!  That is HUGE and we were just thrilled beyond words for that news.  The doctor asked us to tell we planned a gathering at our favorite "kid" eating place:  Red Robin; we invited my other daughter's family and Dina's in-laws...and then we surprised her and everyone with the news!  We had a little help from the Red Robin staff...they came with a bouquet of balloons, my husband had a dozen red roses, and he announced that he "ran" into his favorite oncologist (called him by first name!) and shared the Good News.  We all cried with joy! And the staff sang:  "Today you are cancer Free" instead of the "Happy Happy Birthday" song.  She did have one small spot still on her spleen so there will be another follow up PET and CT scan in another two months, but it didn't look like it was an active we are hoping the last infusion of chemo is still working in her body and will clear up this last little spot of the disease!

I just wanted to share this news with all of you, I know you have been following our story and have been praying for both my daughter and myself.  Your prayers have been answered, and your prayers have lifted us to new heights...even during times of despair, worry, pain, His presence has always been felt and we have YOU to thank dear friends of the cyber world!  Truly prayers have come from around the world ~  from my Dutch friends in the Netherlands, to relatives in Norway, friends in England, relatives of friends in India and throughout all the states...THANK YOU for caring and sending prayers our way!  I know as a mother I will sleep easier knowing that for now, Dina is cancer free in her bones!  YEAH!!  God bless you all!  The above picture is from Red Robin, we are missing a few of the "younger children", after dinner they went next door to Kritter Kabana (a pet store...their favorite place to and love on all the little animals!).

I have to share a heart warming story with you.  As my husband and I were in the waiting room to see the oncologist, a lady walked in holding two bouquets of flowers.  She came up to me and said, "I am doing a random act of kindness."  And she handed me one of the bouquets of red roses, and said "God Bless".  She gave the other bouquet to another lady in the waiting room!  Now that is what I call Being Jesus to the world.  I paid it forward by giving that bouquet to my daughter...couldn't have gone to a more deserving person!  Just think of that ONE random act of kindness and how it will touch many lives...I shared the story with the nurse who drew my blood and with the doctor...the act of kindness will be spread!


Unknown said...

Colleen this is wonderful news that brought tears to my eyes. God is so good!

anja curvers said...

This also brought tears to my eyes Colleen I'm so happy for you and your family what a good news it's simply wonderful. And what a great way to tell the family. God bless you all.

Marlena M. said...

Oh what a blessing Colleen~praise God for your good news!
Our God is an awesome and mighty God! Thank you for sharing the story about the act of kindness~that is so touching!