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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A little hiatus from the card making

Hi friends, I thought I should take a few minutes to let you know there is a reason I have not been posting any cards...I have not been making any!  Earlier this month I had a house guest from Norway and then in the middle of her visit, my daughter was diagnosed with lymphoma...kind of threw us into a real whirlwind of helping out with kids, going to doctor's appointments etc.  My daughter and her family live right next door to us, so we can help out quite easily.  Actually the diagnosis is not conclusive until Friday when she sees the oncologist for the second time, and he reports on the biopsy, the CT scan, and the PET scan...but all signs are pointing to lymphoma, we just don't know which kind yet.  I feel I can't be in this creative room while there is a lot of anxiety and worry for my daughter.  Not only that, but I am madly knitting her a prayer shawl so she will have it on Friday when she gets the final word...therefore, not much time to stamp and cut and paste ...I need to be praying and knitting my fingers to the bone!

She has a wonderful support many friends are praying for her from near and far.  Friends have signed up to bring meals all the way through many blessings in her life, just really caring, genuine and kind helps so much during this time...she is scared and nervous as is her husband.  Her older daughter, Ellie, 11 years old started a Caring Bridge page to talk about her mommy and she is doing a great job with posting feelings and thoughts about what she is experiencing right now.

So I don't really know when I will be back in the card making business...maybe once we know what the treatment will be, I may need the time in here to relieve some of my worries...for now...I will take a break and focus on my daughter.

Thank you for your concern and any prayers you send her way...her name is Dina (pronounced Dee- na)
My daughter and her beautiful family...Jalen, 5, Lily 9, Ellie 11


  1. What a beautiful picture of them. You would never know Dina is sick. Give my love to them.

  2. Colleen, I am so sorry so hear your daughter is sick. I pray the Lord shines down on all of you and gives you comfort and strength during this diffcult time.

  3. I don't think I could craft in these circumstances. It is such a scary time for you all and particularly for Dina and her husband and kids. I will send my prayers to you all dear Colleen. It's wonderful there is so much help and support.
    You hang in there!

  4. I am so sorry, to hear about these circumstances. I hope Dina, her family and you can find strength during this difficult time. We could not make it on our own, so I pray:
    Father, I am well aware
    I can't make it on my own
    So Take My Hand and Hold It Tight
    For I can't Walk Alone!

  5. I was wondering Colleen hadn't seen cards from you for a time. It's so sad to hear the reason I also couldn't craft at these circumstances. I only can wish you all the luck and strength in the world and send you my prayers for Dina and her beautiful family but also for you. It's going to be a difficult time for all of you.
    It's very heartwarming to hear that she is surrounded with so many nice friends and she has great parents I'm sure.


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