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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Simple that stamp!

I saw the Retro Sketches from a few weeks ago and decided to pull out my sunflower stamp and get busy...I basically followed the sketch, but did turn it on its side and reversed a few things too...and I had a wonderful assortment of colors for the sunflowers...I was thinking more along the lines of the painted daisies!!  Here are the four cards I is time to be sending some cards to my aunts, so I think these will be the ones that will be mailed to them.  I saw one aunt this last weekend at a family reunion...she is 93...what a doll...just the cutest little old Italian lady in her "mumu" dress!!  I love her!

And my sweet little Auntie Elvera!


  1. Colleen these are all amazing! I really like the green and pink together.

  2. Oh WOW, these are ab fab Col!!!! LOVE them.
    How old is your auntie? She looks indeed like a regular sweetie :-)

  3. I really like you sunflower cards. I think my favorite is the blue and yellow. Shock...

  4. Lovely cards Colleen my favorite is the purple one. Great idea to pop one of those flowers nice effect. Your aunt looks indeed as a sweetie.

  5. Where can I find those stamps? Your cards are delightful and make me want to make my own. :)


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