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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Floral Foliage

This is a cute little $5 stamp the sentiment!  And the tree looks great in a lot of different colors...not your standard "green"!  I went with the smaller size card...3.5 x 5 to find some envelopes ...
My first card on the right I used spring moss to "ground" the tree...then when I was thinking about the second card and the sentiment, I thought I would use a strip of the heart border die in simply chartreuse (mainly because I already had that cut!!)  But I like it only part way across the card and then I kept the same color, berry sorbet for the sentiment...Hard to see in the picture, but I did use some Glossy Accents in the center of the bigger flowers on the tree...looks nice in real life!


  1. Col, very cute. I like the one with the hearts the best...

  2. I didn't have time to visit, but see I missed lot of beautiful flowercards! The little birdhouse is so cute! These two are great too.

  3. Love this sweet little tree. I like the heart border beneath the first one. How about trying to center it all... tree in the middle, heartborder in the middle and the sentiment centered?

  4. Wow wow you've been very busy I see, love all your cards and these also.I like that floral foliage set very much can you guess............


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