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Monday, June 18, 2012

A happy Announcement

Yesterday my husband and I took my dad to my grandson's Motocross race...

Caleb will be 13 in September and this is his passion...hard for mom and grandma to watch!  But...he loves it...the good looking "young" man on the left is my dad...he will be 91!  I think he looks fabulous!  He had not seen Caleb race yet, so we decided to take him out to the track on Father's Day and let him experience this whole race thing!  I think he had a great time and really enjoyed watching Caleb.  My daughter, Lacey is sitting next to my dad, then her daughter Addie, next a friend, and finally SIL Aaron holding 3 year old Tristan...Caleb took third in both races we these pictures are leading up to the story and the card that I made....

My dad is now using a "cell phone" land line...the phone rings and he talks...gets off the phone and tells me that his grandson, Kyle, my nephew, just got engaged to his girl friend of 6 years!!  My older brother called with the news saying that he saw it on "Facebook"...Well, now we are excited...we love Elisa and think she will be great for Kyle...( we have been patiently waiting for him to pop the question)...then my other brother (father of Kyle) calls me today and I immediately tell him congratulations...there was a slight pause on his I continued to that he is going to have a daughter-in-law!  He asks how I heard about of course I went into detail about the whole motocross racing, my dad getting a phone call...etc etc..and how my older brother saw it on facebook....Marty, the father of Kyle...said, "Well, I guess I better send off a text to Kyle because he and Elisa were planning to stop and visit my dad and tell him the news...I guess the social media is way to fast!"

So I pulled out my Tweet Talk birds and cas'd a card from soon as I heard the words, I knew I wanted to say...a little bird told me...and Elisa is a HUGE fan of everything fact my nephew designed her is a black diamond with pink diamonds or at least pink gems around the main stone and then other smaller diamonds...he knew he needed to have something pink in her ring because she is such a fan of that color.  So here is the card that I am going to put in the mail for them...we are so happy and my SIL is beside happy...she loves this girls and is over joyed with this announcement!
of course the inside says:  you're engaged!  Congratulations!


  1. This card is so cute. Love your patterned paper hills.

    1. thanks Lin for commenting on the Tweet Talk announcing the engagement! I saw the patterned paper hills on a card from Mary Beth!

  2. What a wonderful story and so great to see some photo's of your family!
    What a wonderful card. I love these cute birds. You use them a lot and quite rightly so, they are fab! Love the layers. VERY pretty!


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