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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Make It Monday #35: Custom Stamped Washi Tape

This is what I came up with for the Custom Stamped Washi Tape that Nichole Heady demonstrated on her blog for the Make It Monday Technique.  And this was NOT an easy task...I only had 1/4 inch size score tape, but I did have a xyron machine and I had read that some people were able to make it work and loved it!  So I gave it a try...first I had a lot of trouble putting the tissue paper through the machine without it getting all wrinkled...then some of the ink smeared...finally I decided the best was to put the strip of tissue paper through the xyron, then stamp it and then cut it out.  Finally...very slowly, I peeled it back, similar to what you do when you are adhering the stamp labels on the CD cases...And worked!  I really wanted to use the half and Half die to make a nice little end for my tape, but that just wasn't working for me...and I knew I wanted to add a bow anyway, so I just left it with a straight cut.  But I must say, I do like the looks of it...but it took a couple of hours to come up with something that was decent...the first card I made the picture showed too many I had to start all over and be more careful.  Will I make more of the Washi Tape?  Probably NOT!!  However...I do like learning new techniques...and who knows one day I may just have to do it again!!

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