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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Circle # 10 - Faux Letterpress Technique

Using the Paisley Cuttlebug folder, I spread the raised side of the folder with Soft Pool Shadow Ink...placed my paper inside and embossed it.  You must be a bit careful when placing the card stock and removing it..but it does give it a very soft nice look...
I must say that this is a very fast paced class...of course you can go at your own speed, because you can download and work at your own pace...which is very nice...and Jennifer McGuire has videos showcasing all these circles (on my canvas...hearts on her canvas!) and then bonus features...with either tags or other cards...she gives a lot of information.  Every day for two weeks I will be getting emails from her taking us through the 23 techniques that will be mounted on the lots of extra ideas with cards and using different medium...mostly Tim Holtz inks and other products.  Today is Sunday, September 18 and I just received Day 8 (which actually is for tomorrow) and in my binder I have 73 you can see that she is giving a lot of information.  I would highly recommend this class if she offers it again.

And the reason I say fast paced is because if you complete the cards and post them on a blog and then link them up to the Inspiration Showcase Blog, there are a lot of giveaways...I suspect it will all be random, but the more you enter the better chances of winning is just not easy to do and still try to keep up with normal life!!  ha...I am doing my best though...however tomorrow free and then I am babysitting my three grandchildren (2, 4, and 12) for three days - two nights!  Wish me luck.!!

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