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Monday, October 3, 2016

CAS Mix Up October Challenge

Loll makes this look really easy over at the CAS Mix Up Challenge...actually every video tutorial Loll does looks easy and amazing...I struggle.  Can you even see the shapes in the background stencil I used?
I first applied distress inks to a Mixed media paper, then laid my stencil (MFT Funky Florals) on top, spritzed with water and removed.  Waited 15 seconds and laid a piece of paper towel on top to absorb the extra moisture.  I do love the colors, they are so bright and bold...does it make a difference if the background is soft or bright?
I then die cut a SSS Fresh Daisies in white and placed it on top of the card.
I do like this a lot, but think I will try a few more..
Thanks for stopping by friends, I know I have been missing in action.

A cousin of my husband who is from Norway was here for 3 weeks, my home was her base!  I first met her 50 years ago when we were both juniors in high school (this is aging me!! *wink!)  We became good friends, even before I was dating my know how it is with high school boys, they don't like to hang with family I did family activities with her family minus my husband and they became my family, couldn't have asked for better or nicer in-laws!
 Now I am back to the studio...
I stamped + Ghosting + die cut

Heart Hugs, friends!


  1. I can see the ghosted images from your stencil Colleen. Looks awesome ... very artsy, bright and fun. Beautiful card. Sorry you struggled. Distress inks are the easiest to get a ghosted image from ... they react with water very easily. The brighter the colours, the most the ghosting will show (in my opinion). Thanks for sharing with us at CAS Mix Up. xx

  2. I can see the images, Colleen, and I love these colors! I've struggled with ghosting too and think that the dark colors show the ghosting best. I love the softer subtle look though. Thanks so much for sharing this with us at CAS Mix Up!

  3. Simply beautiful ghosting background, Colleen. I love how you added your die cut flowers. TFS and joining us at CAS Mix UP. Hugs, Nancy

  4. Another beauty here, Colleen! As you can see, it's been a while and I'm trying to play "catch-up". I've missed so much on your wonderful blog!!


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