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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

MIM # 240 Watercolor Resist

Lexi has the latest MIM up and she is using Rubber Cement and Watercolor for a Resist.
This was a fun technique, but it does take some time to let the layers dry. 
And I did run into a little bit of trouble with my "older" rubber cement.  It did not want to flow off the brush to leave nice streaks.  I had to touch the brush to the paper,  I have a picture to show you...after the first using the rubber cement, I took out some Fineline Masking Fluid that had a fine point to making squiggles.

You can see from these two photos, how the rubber cement globbed up on me and would not flow off the brush.  That was when I decided to use my masking fluid pen and the finer lines are made with that.
I used my KOI watercolor paints and did a light wash with blue, then after drying I added the Fineline Masking Fluid to make my markings.  After letting that dry, I added a color that was more Teal...a little darker shade and let that dry.
I pulled out PTI:  With Sympthy and added the 'wheat stalks" in versafine black ink.  I punched out the small butterfly from one of the above pieces I made using a Martha Stewart punch.  The sentiment is from Words of Comfort and I used a piece of fun foam to adhere it to the soft stone card base!

Thanks for taking a look!!
I will save those pieces and use them, I really like the balloon that Lexi made ~ might give that a try!
Have a wonderful week.  I leave Thursday for Denve, Colorado again to watch my Granddaughter Ellie play volleyball, this time my husband is going to join me and my daughter!  (the dynamics will change a bit A LOT I am sure, as he kind of likes to be in "control"  if you get my drift!!
Heart Hugs my friends!


  1. Very nice swirly sky! Globby cement would be frustrating to use - I hope mine will still be fluid after not being used for awhile. But I like those globby spots on your green and orange pieces. I bet you'll find a good way to use them.

    1. And I just noticed the green was used for your butterfly!

  2. The blue background you created was awesome! The cattails were the perfect touch.

  3. From what you showed us, I think all of your panels are great! I love the mix of the thick and thin lines. You do have me intrigued as to what a masking fluid pen is! I must go research;)
    Perfect background for your sympathy card, too, it gives a peaceful calm vibe.

  4. beautiful card!! and i love all three swatches, globs and all! i think one would work perfectly for a balloon card. thanks so much for playing make it monday!

  5. Wow, Colleen! I love all your panels! I'm inspired now to give this a try as I don't have any rubber cement, but I do have a masking pen. Thanks for the great tip!

  6. Worth all the time it took because that's are gorgeous ,Colleen! Beautiful sympathy card!

  7. Lovely backgrounds, Colleen! Such a wonderful effect with the rubber cement! Your sympathy card looks pretty! Have fun in Denver! Good luck to your granddaughter Ellie with her volleyball game!

  8. Love your card and the other two panels too...globs and all! I really like how you mixed with the fine lines really looks like it was all meant to be! You definitely rocked this challenge Colleen!! :0)

  9. Beautiful Col. Great technique.

  10. That looks wonderful, even where the rubber cement didn't do what it was supposed to. The effect is really cool.
    Love the card you created with the swirls and I am sure you can use the other panels as well.

  11. Hope the tournament goes well & that you all have fun, Colleen! My Rubber Cement did the same thing, but I'm still trying to see if I can somehow use the panel for a card. Your card is so soothing & lovely & the butterfly looks wonderful!

  12. Hahaha I think your top ones are so fun...just add a popsicle =) Your card is fun too.

  13. Amazing!! I also wanted a thinner line but didn't accomplish it as delicately as you did!! I also really like your first tries though - I know you'll make something amazing with these papers!! come on! show off let's see what great cards you'll make: ) giggles.

    Hope you are having a great day.



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