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Friday, February 12, 2016

Day 8 Color Pop Fortune Teller

I am on a time crunch here folks, leaving for Salt Lake City in 2 much still to do, but I had to try to get this card made for today as I will not be playing the rest of the release.
So I made my little fortune teller (LOVED playing this as a young girl!!)
And my colors are aqua mist, spring rain and royal velvet.
Since I had so little time to really get into it..I pulled out a watercolor sheet form the Bold Blossoms and dropped down some reinkers.
I dabbed some water in the spaces first and then dropped my brush with the reinkers into each space.  I made sure I didn't touch each petal if it was wet.  I especially love the royal velvet blossom because it just fanned out so pretty and gave me different shadings all on its own.  Interestingly, the spring rain did NOT do that.  and I also thought the spring rain reinker did not look like the actually color, so I swiped the ink pad on my craft sheet and picked up some color that way, that seemed to be more true to the real color.

Anyway, FUN idea, loved it and will probably keep this little game and make more when I need a mojo lift!!
This is Day 8 of the Release and you can go HERE to check out the whole release and the challenge is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks friends for stopping by...have a terrific weekend!!

Heart Hugs!


  1. Now I need some royal velvet reinker! Your card is stunning.

  2. Very, very pretty Colleen!! Have fun in Salt Lake city!! :0)

  3. I really like how those flowers work together.


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