One seed can start a garden, one candle can light a room, one step can begin a journey, one conversation can start a friendship, one smile from a handmade card can lift one's SPIRIT!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Sharing handmade Kindness....

Go check out her blog and them make and send a card to a family member or a friend!
you can also click on Share a handmade Kindness Badge over on the left of my sidebar.
One day last week I received a card in the mail from a fellow blogger...I had joined her as a follower...and she surprised me with a "handmade card of kindness"  because it was filled with colored little doilies and little paper sweet!  Maybe you all know her ~  she is Taunya from Daisies Girl.  Go check out her blog, she has delightful creations!

So I am paying it forward by sending her this card.
And this is just the push I need to make a few more cards and send them out to people I don't see, but think about often.
A big Thank You to Jennifer McGuire for this challenge and offering up prizes!
However, the real gift is in giving!

Heart Hugs my friends!

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