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Thursday, November 5, 2015

25 Days of Christmas Tags! Day FOUR!

 I am determined to make as many as I can, until I leave for Hawaii on the 23rd!!
I know you are feeling so sorry for me, right? 
I really liked Tracey's tag ...I like the kraft paper she used and the word I followed suit!  I did add some bling and holly leaves at the top.

Go check out what her guests created for her today! 
Yeah, tomorrow is Friday!
Heart Hugs!!


  1. Such a pretty tag! So fun and festive!

  2. You are really going to town making your tags. So cute.

  3. Another beautiful tag Colleen. Keep them coming. Yes I am so jelly of your trip but do hope you have a lovely time! Thanks again for sharing with me at the 25 a days of Christmas Tags!

  4. Love your tag Colleen! Are you taking another trip with your friend??? Have a great time!


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