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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finishing up some SAf projects

I have a little box on my desk that had some 'beginnings' of cards from the SAF I decided it was time to finish them up and get them done.  A couple of the cards I finished I already posted similar ones using Betsy's technique with the lunch sack card I will not bore you with those.

The next card was one that Linda and I made using the shaving cream technique...I pulled out two jelly roll pans because it has a bit of an edge all around it...then we sprayed the cream on it...and we put way too has a life all its just foams up to three times the size we thought we were putting on the tray...anyway, she pulled out some red, yellow and orange re-inkers, I pulled out hawaiian shore, aqua mist and chartreuse green, then we traded pans...Oh and Linda shared this story on her blog, but I never did here, so she takes my pan and places in on her counter space and somehow the pan falls OFF the counter, UPSIDE DOWN...and we look at each other and think:  OH NO!!!  What a mess!  But it ALL stayed in the tray...just one tiny drop was to be wiped up...we soooo lucked out with that little mishap!

This card was made using her fun technique, in fact my two grand daughters popped in and when they saw what we were doing, they too wanted to try it!  And they did and it all turned out great!  So the background for this card was made with shaving cream. After putting drops of reinker onto the cream, we took the end of a paint brush and swirled it all around to mix up the colors...then you push your paper into the cream...push really good and then lift it up...a lot of the shaving cream sticks to the paper, but what you do is take a cardstock and scrape off the cream and have a fantastic one of a kind design on your cool...and the paper feels so soft after scraping off the shaving cream.  If you are interested in watching this technique by Nichole on her blog then go HERE and scroll down a bit until you get to the third video for the Marbelized Tie -Dye technique!

My marbelized paper is mounted on a pure poppy card stock.  I used the Layerz Mat Stack #3  in black and die cut three different butterflies...the top one I ran through my crimper and added a couple of blings.  "Merci" for taking a look!!

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  1. This is really beautiful Collen love that technique.


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