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Friday, June 22, 2012

It's time again to mail cards to my three aunts

They all live in the Seattle, WA, will be 93 in a few weeks!! one will be 89 in the fall and the other will be 90 in December...I try to mail them a card once a month and include a letter about my Dad, their brother and BIL lives here in Oregon along with my two brothers and their family.  (We are transplants from Washington way back when I was a sophomore in high school.)  And it is that time of the month again.  One aunt has a son who is a pilot and is in the military; he has been in Iraq and Afghanistan a lot..he is home right now, so she will get the card with the American Flags...I used all stamps from Friendship Jar:  Summer Fillers...I just have not played with that as much as I should (and my DH reminds me of that every time I get an order....why do you need more stamps?  why don't you use one of the hundreds you already own?)...geesh...he just doesn't get it!!  And the strip of stars at the top is washi tape (not called that.. at Michael's)...came in a packet of three...very patriotic colors.

Card number the hydrangea flowers...I stamped it on the Winter Wisteria paper and colored it in with different copics...the bow was from the same Friendship Jar filler set, I cut it out and colored it with copics.  I had to draw my own 'stem' lines in the water...the water is a copics color.  I added a strip of washi tape at the bottom (from Target).  I used "dots" for the dimensionals with the hydrangeas you can go HERE to see the dots they are posted on the right side of  Deanna's blog here.
And finally a jar filled with fresh Oregon strawberries...they are the BEST!  you can't tell, but I added some glossy accents to the single berry and the top berry in the jar...again a strip of washi tape at the bottom.

I think my aunts will enjoy the cards and I enjoyed making three different ones...(I get bored easily...mass producing is not my favorite thing to do!)

Thanks so much for taking a look...hope you all have a great weekend...we are getting rain (again) now that it is the weekend!


  1. Colleen you have been very busy. I know what you mean about the mass producing. I get bored too and need to mix it up some. Thanks for the shout out for my "dots". Have a blessed day.

  2. A non-crafter just doesn't get why we NEED all that stuff right! But we just do...teeheee!
    You are a busy bee. That jar is sooooo cool. You have made great cards with it. Look at those strawberries, jummie.


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