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Saturday, January 21, 2012

And another Day 7 Clean & Simple Card

This is my take on another card for day 7.  Jennifer McGuire actually used a die to cut a strip of spaces or 'windows' out of the face of her card (on both sides of her sentiment) and then she adhered colored paper to the inside of the card and it showed through to the front...if that makes any sense.  I did not have a die that I could achieve that look, so I tried it with what I had.  I first stamped my sentiment off center on the card.  I used a strip of hearts from PTI's Background Basics:  Hearts and stamped it off the card to the left and again to the right, then I colored in using some memento water color markers red and pink, of course!  I think I like this clean and very simple card.  I am feeling more confident in leaving more white space.  I think in the past I always felt I needed to add more or cover more I am learning that leaving white space can be even more of a statement and it looks pretty darn good!

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  1. Yes, I understand what you are saying about Jennifer's card.
    This is another great one! The composition is so cool and to offset the sentiment to the left is a great idea!


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