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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Getting Ready for Women Of Faith Conference

My daughters and I have been going to the Women of Faith for about 5 years is an all day Friday event, a little three hour break in the late afternoon and then from 7 - 10pm.  Saturday we go back from 9 - 5.  There are fabulous inspirational and lots of great singing...and it is a fun time to share the event with friends and family.  We always take our break and go for a big walk that leads us to a restaurant where we share a meal...or one year my group went up to OHSU to visit a friend who was suppose to attend the WOF, but her son was taken to the hospital earlier that day...he ended up dying later that night.  So our small group of four went to visit and give support and strength to our friend...we do what ever needs to be done.  I always make some little treat to share with the girls...and we all know that DARK CHOCOLATE is good for us, right?  So here is the treat for this year:

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