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Friday, February 17, 2017

PTI ~ Celebrating the year 2013!

Ruby rose is a really fun flower set to use, I enjoyed playing with it again and I do really like the corner sentiment too, I must use this more often!
This is short but sweet because we are heading to the airport to go to Salt Lake City to watch Ellie play in a volleyball tournament.  My husband and of course Dina, the mom, is going and we invited our other daughter Lacey to come with us...we thought she would enjoy a weekend free of kids and responsibilities (her husband does a LOT of fishing and hunting, so it seems only fair!!  *wink! although he asked if she was sure she didn't want to take Addie (9) with her!  NOT!!   that was the whole point!!)
But first we have to get our pump fixed...NO water!!  Happened last night as we were getting ready for a shower before bed!  Good thing I had some bottled water so we could wash hands, face and brush our teeth! And we can't go next door to our daughter's house because we share the same pump!  They have NO water either!

Okay back to the cards...if you want to play along with the 2013 year in celebration of PTI's 10 anniversary, then go HERE.  There is a $25 GC up for grabs!
Heart Hugs, friends!


  1. Sweet card today! And your other PTI days too, I peeked at them all, celebrate on! =) and I hope you get water soon!

  2. Love your sweet card Colleen! Hasn't it been fun revisiting all these wonderful older sets? I'm finally caught up as well. Hope you have a wonderful time away and that your pump gets fixed soon. Have fun!!

  3. Hope the tournament goes well & no travel problems with all the crazy weather! Your card is fabulous, Colleen--love the colors & design!


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