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Friday, July 22, 2016

PTI Stamp-A-Faire Friday Night Gallery Reception

Tonight starts the SAF and my BFF Linda is here once again to share the day (week!!) with me!
I chose this water color MIM # 247 that Melissa shared back in May.
I loved doing this faux watercolor, sure made me feel like an artist!
You can go HERE to Nichole's blog to read about he kick off ceremony tonight!
We are excited and ready to play!!

Here we are to start the festivities!!

Heart Hugs, friends!


  1. When I first started pulling out cards I thought were Masterpieces, my card set from this challenge got pulled too! Yours really was a Masterpiece and I'm so glad you re-posted it! Love the picture of you and Lin, and hope you both have a wonderful day tomorrow (and next week!)just stamping away. I will be up north with the little squirt (Addy) all day tomorrow, so we'll have to see if I have time Sunday afternoon to catch up on a few of the challenges! :0)

  2. I love green and pinks together. Very nice card

  3. I'm jealous!! I will have to miss the festivities today as we have friends in from out of town but I'll be thinking of you girls!! Have a blasst : )


  4. I am with Patti! Super jealous that I can't join you ladies! Have fun! Your card is fabulous!

  5. You picked a great card for the gallery, Colleen--just love it!


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