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Friday, February 19, 2016

A special birthday card

I have a special birthday card today for my oldest daughter, Dina.  I can't believe it was 39 years ago she began our family!  She was the easy daughter to raise, a good student, a kind and compassionate person, she was also the one who got stage 4 lymphoma  in 2011.  She is totally in remission now after going through chemo.  We are blessed that our prayers were answered.  She has three children...I talk about the two girls, 14 and 12 because they both play volleyball and my husband assists with coaching.
Her son is 8 and LOVES basketball!
Dina and I were able to spend this last Presidents Day weekend together in Salt Lake City because her older daughter, Ellie had a volleyball tournament there.  
We shopped, we drove to Park City, we worshiped in the Cathedral and we shared every many wonderful memories and talks we had together!  We cherish this time just the two of us!

I used four different stamps for this card.
Layered Banter Banners
Bitty Bouquets
Movers & Shakers
Wonderful Words:  Birthday
a few PPP sequins and some from PTI too!

Thanks for taking a look! 
Today my younger daughter, Dina, her MIL and I are going out to lunch to celebrate!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

Heart Hugs!


  1. Beautiful, gorgeous card Col. Love it. Wish Dina Happy Birthday for me and have a fun lunch.

  2. Your card for Dina is beautiful, Colleen, which makes it just right for the beautiful and strong woman she is! Each birthday is, indeed, a celebration! I'm so glad you two had that amazing time together!! Enjoy your day, my friend! Hugs, Darnell

  3. Colleen a beautiful card for your daughter! I am thrilled to know that she is in remission. happy Birthday Dina!

  4. How wonderful you had that time with your daughter in Salt Lake City & can celebrate with a fun lunch! This is a stunningly gorgeous card I know Dina will treasure! PS--can't wait to see you & Linda!

  5. Beautiful card Colleen and SO happy you were able to celebrate another birthday with Dina! A good reminder to all of us just how precious life really is! :0)

  6. Happy Birthday to Dina! What a blessing and she had so many praying for her.
    You weekends sound like our so many tournaments and games to go to on the weekend.
    Beautiful card Colleen!

  7. What a beautiful card Colleen! I'm so happy you have a wonderful reason to celebrate too!

  8. Gorgeous birthday card much wonderful detail and you can see all the love you put into making this.

  9. Happy late birthday to Dina! Glad you were able to spend some wonderful time with her! Your card is gorgeous and I'm sure she loved it!


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