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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Online Watercolor Class Day 2

Simple Round Brush Flowers!

This was all done freehand with two round brushes, I am in shock that they look as good as they do (IMHO!! *wink).  These are supposed to be "cornflowers" according to Yana, the instructor on this lesson, and I can totally see that!
The sentiment is PTI from Bold Blossoms.
I think this would make the recipient happy!
I am learning a lot and struggling with some, I have a couple more to share for today, one I haven't even tried yet...freehand a rose, AYKM??

Heart Hugs!!


  1. This is lovely! (P.S. I did the freehand rose) /:

  2. Gorgeous - love how you have the different shades of flowers.

  3. Great job on these cornflowers.

  4. This is incredible and I'm blown away that this is freehand! WOW! Maybe I should have taken this class too!!

  5. Beautiful Colleen! I admit I'm very intrigued by how you do this...those flowers are like perfect!! Awesome job!! :0)

  6. I agree that this was one of the easier techniques! Love how you've placed the cornflowers! Very cheerful!

  7. You definitely nailed this one!

  8. Fabulous blue on those stunning cornflowers! And, great design!


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