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Sunday, December 13, 2015

One more for Tag You're It! # 36

These sweet little images are from Lawn Fawn:  Ready Set Snow!
I had to make a few extra tags because I decided to NOT put names on the gift boxes.  But don't worry I have a little cheat sheet that has each grand child's name and then the tag that belongs to them...I made two of the same tag for each child as I had two gifts per child.  
They can come and shake all they want, but they won't know if they are shaking their gift or not!  My daughter Lacey told me the other day that her daughter Addie has already figured out every gift that is hers under the tree...of course Lacey is playing it cool but really?  She guessed correctly on each one!  So I am thinking if she doesn't know which gift box is hers, than she can't guess, right?
You can go HERE to play along with this tag challenge and the inspiration tag is by Joyce!
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!  Hope you all are done with tags and cards for this year...I just finished wrapping my last gift, such a good feeling!


  1. Your tag is just sweet as can be, and I like your system for identifying gifts. Looks like all your grandchildren are keeping you on your toes, and you are barely one step ahead of them. I think I shall move into your adorable neighborhood. Thanks so much for playing along at Tag You're It.

  2. Hi,hi, again another great tag Colleen you are pretty busy love them all. Glad you joined again on tag you're it.

  3. What a fabulous way to keep the kids from guessing their gifts! Talk about adding to the excitement! Your little village, with Santa dashing through the starry sky, is darling! Thank you for sharing this gem in the Tag You're It gallery!

  4. What a great system for the gifts so the little don't know...hehehe! Such a pretty tag with the wonderful scene!

  5. Love this!! And love the bit of snow. Thanks for joining us at Tag You're It Challenge.


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